Fantastic Features

You'll get loads of great ways to ensure your email campaign is the best.

Email delivery

Our number one focus is to make sure the emails you send land in your customer's inboxes - without getting lost in spam folders. After all, you can send the best email campaign, but if your customer never sees it, there's no point.

We've partenerned up with the most popular email providers to ensure emails sent from our servers don't get flaged as spam.

List management

We've built an extensive list management system. This means it's incredibly easy for you to manage your subscriber lists. You can create as many different lists as you like. Adding subscribers to your list is all completely automated - just point your potential subscribers to a web page, they fill out their name and email address and get added to your list. Your subscribers can opt-out of your lists whenever they choose.


Autoresponders allow you to send a series of timed emails to your subscribers. For example: you could send out the first email when someone subscribes to your list, a second email a few days later, and another email a few weeks later. This is all handled automatically and it looks like you're sending these emails to your subscribers manually! Autoresponders are a great way to build customer relationships and gain trust.

Broadcast emails

Broadcast emails allow you to send out an email to your entire list (or lists). You can chose to send a broadcast email to only a few specified subscribers or to the entire list. This is a great way to send out special offers, invitations, latest news or anything you like.


We understand that you need to know exactly how effective your emai marketing campaigns are. That's why we show you some pretty comprehensive reports allowing you to see exactly which campaigns are working best.

You can see how many emails have been delivered, how many have been rejected (or bounced), how many have been opened (based on image tracking technology), and how many links have been clicked on.

We also allow you to see specifically which of your subscribers are opening the most emails and clicking on the most links. This allows you to target your most active subscribers!