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Secrets of email marketing

When it comes to marketing a good email campaign are there really any "secrets" that can give your campaign that extra boost?

We think there are and this is what we believe will make your campaign a success and sky-rocket past your competitors.

Firstly, make sure you email your list regularly and on the same day. For example: emailing your list every Monday at around midday would be a good idea. That way your subscribers will be on the lookout for your email because they know you regularly send at this time.

Another secret is to analyse what your subscribers are doing. How many of them are opening your email? How many are clicking the links? Which of your subscribers are the most active? There's no point in sending our email campaigns without knowing what the results are.

Mail Glue provide an extensive reporting suite which allows you to quickly determine which of your campaigns are the most successful and which are your most important subscribers.