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How to avoid spam filters

Don't get lost in spam, they'll never find you!

What's the number one priority when sending an email? Having it look good? Having an attention grabbing headline? How about a strong call to action? Perhaps even the ability to make even the most sceptic of people click on your links?

These are all highly important factors that must be carefully planned and crafted, but there is one more factor - even more critical - actually landing in the inbox

It might seem pretty obvious but it doesn't matter how good your email looks or even how effective its call-to-action is - it's no good being stuck in the spam folder. But how do you avoid it?

In this article we're going to look at the most effective ways of keeping your emails out of spam folders

  1. Avoid common spammy words

    Words such as "FREE" in capitals looks very much like the type of wording you'd find in a unsolicited email. Many spam filters pick up on these words and send your email to the spam folder

  2. Test your email

    Your email might look innocent, and perhaps you've tried sending it to yourself and it seems fine - but have you actually tested it against common spam filters? This can be a great way of finding bits you've missed before actually sending the email.

  3. Safe sender lists

    If you've tried all of the above but nothing seems to be working - it might not be your email content. Some spam settings simply put all incoming emails into the spam folder unless the sender is on a safe-senders list. This means that you must be on this list to reach the persons inbox.

    So what's the best solution to this problem? You'll have to ask the user to manually add your email address to theis white list of contacts. There are many ways in which this can easily be done - such as giving away a free gift by email, therefore encouraging the user to white list your email address.